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HR agenda and payroll services.

We will make sure all the official requirements related to your employees are in order. We will manage your personnel and payroll agenda from start to finish, from drafting employment contracts, through registering or deregistering employees with insurance companies, processing payroll and tax, to employment records, and much more.

Comprehensive payroll processing:

  • Registration of the client as an employer with the health insurance provider, social insurance provider, and tax administration
  • Comprehensive payroll processing based on received timesheets
  • Monthly processing of statements for insurance providers
  • Registration/deregistration of employees with insurance providers
  • Payslip statements for employer and employees
  • Preparation of annual payroll tax reconciliation
  • Processing of statistical statements
  • Pension insurance records
  • Processing of comprehensive payroll agenda, including HR agenda, for all employees
  • Expert consultation and advisory services related to payroll and HR

Problems being solved

Regardless of how you have been doing your accounting, we can help improve it based on our experience and knowledge of legislation, so that all financial particulars are in order, and you can use the data to further develop your business.

We will not wait passively for your requests and queries, but actively propose solutions to issues you might not have been aware of.

Risks, impacts, and taxes

Small sole traders often undervalue the importance of bookkeeping. The lack of legal knowledge and ongoing changes in legislation might mean they miss some important requirements and obligations towards the state and authorities, putting them at risk of sanctions. They might be causing themselves unnecessary financial losses through inconsistent accounting or incorrectly prepared tax returns.

We advise sole traders and small-sized companies on how to do business and manage their finances, and make them aware of what risks and impacts to keep in mind. We maintain their accounts, process their taxes, and communicate on their behalf with authorities.

Accounting, payroll, HR agenda, and taxes

Managing extensive and complex accounting and HR agenda may take up a small or medium-sized company’s time at the expense of the business itself. However it would not be economical for them to employ an internal accountant.

Outsourcing accounting, payroll processing, and HR administration offers them an affordable solution with considerable added value in advisory services and our proactive recommendations. Moreover, we will represent them in communication with the authorities during tax audits.

High taxes, accounting errors, and sanctions

Unprofessional bookkeeping, lack of information on tax claims that the business owner can make, and missing documents for accounting expenses may cause the business unnecessary financial losses in the form of needlessly high taxes. Besides that, the company may be fined for accounting errors.

Our professional approach to bookkeeping guarantees all your income and expenses will be under control and recorded in the system. We will make sure that your tax returns are filled in without errors, including all tax reduction claims and reliably documented expenses. Physical receipts may for example be documented as photographs or scans. We continuously monitor applicable regulations and changes in legislation so you need not be concerned about inconsistencies and related issues. If we find something that can be improved in your accounting, we will propose a change ourselves.

Regularity, reports, and financial management

Accounting is not just an obligation and administrative burden, but also a benefit. Every business owner should see it primarily as an important business management tool. It is the source of all the important information you need for to manage your company responsibly and efficiently. Accounting that lacks transparency also leads to an insufficient overview of your own business’ financial activity and lacking documents to make knowledge-based management decisions.

If you struggle to manage your accounting, leave it in our hands. We will review your accounting and make an economic analysis of your company. We can advise you on any questions related to the company’s income and expenses. We will provide you with consultation related to company finances and profitability. As needed, we can propose changes and complete reconstruction of your accounting. We always maintain accounts on a monthly basis, even for clients who are non-VAT payers, and track any unpaid invoices. Every month you will receive an evaluation of the results in clear reports, to use for management decisions.

Business plan, finances, and contracts

Setting up a company is not a highly complicated task. Many beginners do it in some haste and without forethought. For a company to operate and thrive, you need a thorough business and financial plan. There are many questions to be answered: where to operate, how much rent will be, what the expected return on investment, what profit is reasonable, and many more.

Here again, we can support you. We will help you prepare a reliable business plan for your internal needs and for financial institutions. We can calculate return on investment and profitability, and recommend the business’ legal form. We can help you draft contracts, and mediate legal advice when you establish a company. We will advise you on which funding to choose, and arrange a loan or subsidy with the authorities on your behalf.

Sales, purchase, and renting

Doing business often involves tangible assets. This might be real estate for the company’s offices, or the subject of business activity.

We will advise you on whether it is better to buy or rent a property, and on the steps related to the sale or lease of the property, in a manner that best fits your needs in recognising income and expenses and subsequently in relation to tax payments.

Are you interested in bookkeeping services?

Calculate your monthly fee or contact us. We deal with a wide range of client issues related to accounting, taxes, and financial advisory services.